Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Smack That Videobomb

This youtube video of a girl dancing to Akon's Smack That is a breath of fresh air amongst all the youtube videos of "girls dancing in front of a webcam" out there for a number of reasons.

First is that the girl is not wearing skimpy clothing. In fact, the clothes she's wearing is unflattering, so there's no room for pervy guys to think their little pervy thoughts (which is what majority of videos do to get a lot of view, take advantage of men's horndog tendencies).

Second, and more importantly, her little brother videobombing the crap out of her little silly dance. It's hilarious on its own, but it's also something that most people with a sibling can relate to, because it's either their the older one who's always being bugged by a little sibling, or they are the snooty little annoying brats doing all the badgering.

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