Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games nets third highest opening of all time

The Hunger Games has recently topped the box office with a staggering $155 million opening haul, making the movie (which is based on Suzanne Collins' novel of the same name) the third most successful opening of all time.

On the other hand, the second film this week is 21 Jump Street, which managed to get a measly $21.3 million, followed by The Lorax, which netted 13.1 million. And I hope Disney finally learns its lessons not to give full creative control to egomaniacs, because Andrew Stanton's John Carter adaptation continued to flop with a puny $5 million opening take.

I'm not really an expert on these things, so I can't confidently say that The Hunger Games' success is due to the saturation marketing and wall-to-wall press coverage that has been given to the film, but in my honest opinion, Suzanne Collins' epidermis is completely coated with cash magnets.

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