Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Official Adventure Time Flash Game: Jake's Tough Break

Cartoon Network's hit animated series Adventure Time will return for its fourth season on April, and as support for the new season, the studio has released an addictive puzzle platformer called Jake's Tough Break.

Jake's Tough Break's mechanics is simple: You need to guide Jake (using the arrow keys) towards Magic Man's hat. It's easy enough on the first stage, since the magic hat is just to the left of the screen, with no obstacles. Things get more challenging once you get past the intro stage, where you'll be greeted by classic obstacles such as hurdles, walls, switches, and cannons. This is where Jake's other abilities come into play.

Jake has the ability to detach (by pressing space) his feet, hands, and torso until he's only a rolling head. Pressing down again on the detached body parts will reattach said parts back to the dog's body. You can use the detached parts by dropping them on switches, and detaching limbs and torso until you're only a rolling head helps in getting Jake to fit on small holes. It's a game that requires a little bit of thinking, but it can be pretty rewarding.

Unfortunately, Cartoon Network rarely allows users to embed their flash games on other sites (boo!), so you'd have to go to their official page to play the game. 

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