Friday, March 9, 2012

Free Online Games: Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

I admit that I didn’t get the popularity of Cartoon Network’s Ben Ten at first, especially with kids. I was under the impression that kids only care about cartoons that came from Japan nowadays, but after being forced to watch half a season of Ben 10 (I do these sorts of things for my dayjob), I realized that it’s actually kind of good.

…and the games! Cartoon Network is not content with roughshod flash games for their franchises – Ben 10 games use Unity 3D (it’s the same engine used by Marvel Superhero Squad Online). Case in point: Ben 10: Ultimate Crisis.

Video clip and download links after the cut:

As I have said above, Ben 10: Ultimate Crisis uses the Unity 3D engine, which means its graphics are ridiculously good for a browser-based game. If it weren’t for the uncustomizable controls, you’d think that it’s a console game.

In Ben 10: Ultimate Crisis, you control Ben Tennyson in his ultimate swampfire form. The controls are surprisingly easy but provide a wide variety of maneuveres and attacks. Ultimate Swampfire has a quick attack (z), heavy attack (x) and a fireball (c ) that can be used in different sequences to come up with stunning and effective combos. Ultimate Swampfire is also very agile, and can sidestep, dash, or jump backwards by double tapping the arrow keys.

Right now, you only get 1 form to play in (boo!), but what we have is already enough for a fun, enjoyable game that won’t require you to buy anything (it’s browser based, so you don’t even need to buy upgrades for your computer). The game also has a bit of depth, in terms of being able to level up your character and face off against bosses.

You can play Ben 10: Ultimate Crisis for free at it’s own page on Cartoon Network’s official site.

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