Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken's Sales Figures a Disappointment to Capcom

It's probably proof of how bloated the industry has become, when selling 1.4 million units of a $40 dollar videogame is considered a failure (bear in mind that the materials used to make a videogame are not as exhaustible or hard to come by as, say, automobiles. And that marketing in the age of social media shouldn't cost thousands of dollars. Proof? how about some professional looking indie games being made by one or two people, on a budget that is theoretically close to zero dollars? How much did minecraft spend on marketing?).

As for the news itself, Capcom has recently marked Street Fighter X Tekken a loss after its 1.4 million sales figures fell way below the company's target 2 million. This is especially bad for Capcom as they have already had a failure in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, which only sold 600,000 units across all systems.

People tend to blame the poor sales on Street Fighter X Tekken's poor balance, buggy netcode, and the gimped 360 version. There's also the controversial deal between Sony and Capcom (in which 12 additional characters were locked away on the disc until the release of the PS Vita version) earning the spite of many gamers.

...of course, this being released on the PC as well, you can bet your ass they're going to try and blame it on piracy again, pushing for a move towards console exclusive games and/or stronger, more draconian DRMs (doesn't explain why Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 bombed, though, as that wasn't released on the PC).


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