Sunday, May 6, 2012

Japan Turns Off Nuclear Power, Thousands March in Celebration

As of May 5, Japan is completely free from nuclear power after their Tomari nuclear plant in Hokkaido was turned off for maintenance. It was the last running nuclear plant after the 50 nuclear plants that have been supplying 1/3rd of the country's power for four decades have gone offline over a course of one year (since the 3/11 Earthquake that created a global crisis at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant.)

Thousands of Japanese citizens have taken to the streets with traditional koinobori fish banners that now serve as symbols of the anti-nuclear protest movement. May 5 is also Children's day in Japan, so the collective emotions and hope may have played a big part in the celebrations.

Keep in mind that a nuclear free Japan is probably temporary. Most (or all) of the plants may go back in service in the very near future, after passing new safety tests and gaining the approval of residents (who may be a little more lenient in the future once they see how high their cost of living will get when they have to resort to natural but very expensive energy sources, most of which they'd probably have to import from other countries)

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