Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jackie Chan to Retire...

…from stuntwork. PSYCHE!

While promoting his upcoming movie Chinese Zodiac at the recent Cannes Film Festival, Jackie Chan announced that the movie will be his last action picture, stating that he is not young anymore, and really, really tired. He also stated that he no longer agrees with the kind of violence depicted in movies, and admitted that while he likes fighting and action, he doesn’t like violence – which is a dilemma for him, and explains why the action scenes in his movies are usually comedic, and have no fatal consequences.

When fans misunderstood Chan’s comments as an announcement that he is no longer going to act in movies, the 58 year old action star announced through his facebook page that he is only retiring from deadly stuntwork, and will not be gone from Action films as a whole.

Source: Yahoo! Movies.

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