Monday, April 30, 2012

Red Band Trailer: Chloe Moretz in Hick

Chloe Moretz is no stranger to roles that are considered shocking for her age, having played a teenage bloodsucker in Let Me In and a violent, potty-mouthed assassin in Kick-Ass, but her new role in Derick Martini's Hick may prove to be her most controversial yet.

In Hick, Moretz plays a 13-year old girl named Luli, who ran away from her trailer park home in Nebraska just to get away from her mother's string of alcoholic and abusive boyfriends. Luli's plan was to start a new life in the city of Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, she comes across a kind hearted con artist played by Blake Lively and a menacing cowboy played by Eddie Redmayne, and she soon found herself being caught in situations that would be scary for adults, much less someone her age.

Now, Moretz has certainly proven her talents, and has shown that she has the acting chops to handle challenging roles, but you can't help thinking that the troubling sexual chemistry with her and Redmayne's character will raise a lot of eyebrows and make a lot of people wince.

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