Friday, March 30, 2012

New Man of Steel Banner

If you're getting worried that news on the Man of Steel front have been sparse as of late, worry no more, because a new teaser image has been released for the Zack Snyder Superman reboot. Just because they're quiet doesn't mean they're not doing anything, right? Maybe they just didn't want to get in the way of Christian BaleThe Dark Knight Rises' spotlight.

^There it is, a brand new banner! It's not much, but it shows a few key differences from the one used by Superman Returns. It looks grittier, for one thing. And the S-shield seems to be more metallic, which is apt, since the film is called Man of Steel.

As for the movie, I'm a bit torn. I'm a big Superman fan. From the comics to the cartoons, to the movies (I left the videogames out, because Superman games suck orbs), but I'm not too stoked on the casting choices. Amy Adams doesn't look "Lois Lane" to me, and Henry Cavill doesn't give me any Superman vibes.

What's wrong with Brandon Routh? The guy was awesome. He looked the part, both as Superman and as Clark Kent. It's not his fault that the film bombed because the scriptwriters made him fight huge tracts of land instead of giving him a more dignified enemy. But yeah - he looked more Superman than Cavill.

I will still watch Man of Steel on opening day, though. Because it's a Superman movie, and because I think Cavill deserves a shot at the role even if his hairline is receding faster than a speeding bullet.

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