Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Man Behind the (Lamborghini) Bat

Last week, a video of a Batman driving a Lamborghini Batmobile and being pulled over by policemen spread on Youtube. Commonly known under the titles Lamborghini Batman or route 29 Batman, the video is fairly straightforward and lacks any controversial elements. Batman was polite to the officers, the officers just did their job (there was no offense, they just needed to check people who look suspicious) and they parted ways without any trouble once things got cleared up. People just liked the novelty of seeing Batman being pulled over.

But the Lamborghini Batman is no social misanthrope. He's not even a comic book geek on the way to a cosplay convention. His real name is Bruce WayneLenny Robinson, and he's a real hero.

When Batman was pulled over, he was on his way to an event for hospitalized kids as part of a Superhero Celebration organized by the Charity "Hope for Henry". The program gives away portable DVD players to iPads to hospitalized kids in the hopes of uplifting their moods and helping them cope with their condition.

Hope for Henry also hosts Superhero Celebrations in which people dressed in their favorite superhero costumes make a visit and cheer up the kids. Most of the superheroes are paid, Lenny Richardson does it for free. According to a Washington Post profile of the Lenny Richardson, he once sold a self-founded company for a ton of money so that he can do what he does for free. Now, if ever there is a person worthy of taking on the mantle, Lenny has got to be it.

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