Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ben 10 is the Jeremy Lin of Superheroes, says the LA Times

The LA Times has recently published an industry profile on Cartoon Network's Ben 10, trying to make sense of what made the Ben 10 franchise so popular even though it originally launched with no existing fan base nor brand awareness to stand on, referring to the cartoon as the Jeremy Lin of superheroes.

If you don't have a young boy at home or not one yourself, you may find the LA Times' fascination with Ben 10's success a bit ridiculous. I admit that I wasn't really that familiar with the series at first. I mean, I've seen the commercials and the toys during one of my channel surfing jaunts, but I just brushed the series off as one of those shows they create to sell toys and merchandise. What I didn't know is how MANY toys and merchandise they were able to sell with the franchise.

Let me put it in the context of blogs and websites - I work for an entertainment site (what, you think I'm actually earning from this blog?). It's not one of the big entertainment sites, but it's popular enough to make money off the ads. And believe me, we get a daily average of 4,000 unique views from people who happened upon the site while searching for things related to Ben 10. And that's the daily average - there are times when the unique views for Ben 10 stuff would reach 12,000+. That's a lot of unique views, for one show. About a kid who can transform into different kinds of aliens.

Anyways, you can go directly to the LA Times article, I'll be reading as well. I want to know what made Ben 10 so popular. I want 12 thousand people googling my name too.

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