Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Japan's Brave Robotics Create Actual Autobot

Well, technically it's just a Mini-con, since it's only the size of an RC car. But it is a true transforming robot that can be manually operated. It does everything you'd expect from an autobot: walk in biped mode, run in car form, transform from car to robot and back, and yes - it even shoots missiles from a hand mounted cannon. Only it's not so much a missile as it is a piece of plastic. But it shouldn't be too hard to outfit it with something that would at least harm a pet.

At best, the robot should be treated as a tech demo, since there's not much use out of it except as a really awesome toy. But the difference between it and an actual Transformer should only be a matter of scale and logistics (also, a spark or something). Another downside is that even at its 1/12 scale, the Transform Robot Version 7.2 is worth as much as an actual car at $24,000.

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