Monday, May 14, 2012

Watch this Movie: Ryu in Asura's Wrath Lost Episode DLC

I don't have a PS3 nor an Xbox360, so I have no way of playing Asura's Wrath, but this video of the newest DLC is fun even if you're just watching. The DLC, entitled Lost Episode 1, features Ryu from Street Fighter being transported to the past (spoilers: Asura's Wrath actually happened way, way, way back in the past) and meets the demigod Asura. Of course, this is Ryu we're talking about, so his first request from the stranger is a sparring match . I mean, holy crap. I can imagine Ryu's Facebook account is just full of pictures of fists and fireballs. And Avengers Alliance Invites.

Watch the video, after the cut:

The match starts in Street Fighter IV style, from the pre-match screens right down to the hud and 2D perspective. And then things got so ridiculously over the top it makes Dragonball Z look like Dragonball: Asura LITERALLY uppercutted Ryu straight into space, and landed on the moon. And then it turns out they can breathe in space, because they continued their fight on the moon. The match ends in a cliffhanger, with Akuma showing up. On The moon. Without any breathing apparatus.

The DLC is only $2 (PSN), or 160 MS Points (Xbox Live), so if you have Asura's Wrath and you're a fan of Ryu or Being Able to Breathe In Space, you may want to check it out.

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