Thursday, May 3, 2012

Free Flash Game: Ben 10 - Savage Pursuit

Today's free flash game is another quality tie-in that you can play straight from your browser, for free. I'm a big fan of these things, in case you haven't noticed yet. Comes with not having access to a PC that has hundreds of megabees of video memory and gigahurts of processing power - I like me some cool looking games that you can play without worrying about hardware and stuff like that.

Anyways, Ben 10: Savage Pursuit is a platforming beat em up that lets you control Ben Tennyson - the 10 year old one from the original series, not the crappily drawn 10 year old from the upcoming Ben 10: Omniverse series. OMGThatLooksLikePoop!!! I hope they change the art style after seeing what the Intarweb fans think.

Back to the game, don't think Savage Pursuit is boring just because you only control Ben in his human form, because that is not the case. You have the ability to transform into four of his alien forms, each with specific abilities that will help you traverse the dangerous landscape and defeat Dr. Animo's evil mutants.

Four may be a little thin, and a disservice to the title of the cartoon (perhaps the game should be entitled Ben 4: Savage Pursuit?), but hey, what little we've got is pretty good already. Also, game engine limitations and all that. At least it's not one of those crappy flash game knock-offs that make you control Ben in a Tetris game.

Play Ben 10: Savage Pursuit, straight from your browser, after the cut:

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