Thursday, April 5, 2012

Video: New TV Spot for Men in Black 3

There's a new TV spot out for Men in Black 3, and it seems better than the last two as it gives Tommy Lee Jones more screentime than the less charming Josh Brolin (see, here, Brolin is going to play the younger Tommy Lee Jones. The sound you just heard is your MIND BEING BLOWN).

The TV spot shows Agents J and K (did the original writers know that Filipino kids easily interpreted these initials as naughty words?) shaking down a Chinese restaurant, with K getting a little too hands-on with the proprietor.

"That's just disrespectful" complains J, as K looks a little shamefaced.

The MIB also has a new boss, with Rip Thorn being replaced by Emma Thomson. MIB 3 also features a new alien villain, described as a "biker alien", played by Jermain Clement. The film opens in the UK on May 25 this year.

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