Friday, November 30, 2012

Superman VS Hulk

It's just a fanvideo, but HOLY CRAP, man, HOLY CRAP. This is better than that movie where Superman wasted an entire movie just to fight a huge slab of rock. It's also better than that movie where Hulk spent a lot of his time not being shown, while Eric Bana made googly eyes and dramatic squints all over my goddamn movie screen. This is what a real Superman and Hulk movie's fight scenes should look like. I don't care if it's CGI and I don't care if there's no plot at all - these guys are strong as crud and can take as much damage as they can dish out. Let them USE IT IN AN ACTUAL FIGHT THAT WE CAN SEE. None of those crappy artistic fights that we can barely see because it's dark and there's shadows everywhere! Gimme muh superhero slobberknocker, man!

The models seem to be based on Christopher Reeve's Superman and the Edward Norton movie CGI Hulk, based on the hair. It's still unfinished, but the creator is hard at work on the third part. Who's your bet? Hulk could win if it was the World War Hulk, but I still pick Superman. Because he's my man, in a super kind of way.

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