Sunday, April 8, 2012

Square Enix's New Browser Based Flash Game, Crystal Conquest

The headline is already lengthy, so I had to end it with "...Conquest", but the original headline I had in mind was " Square Enix's New Browser Based Flash Game, Crystal Conquest, Looks Like Something Threw Up on Top of What I Already Threw Up."

I mean, I love RPGs, I love Beat em Ups, I love Final Fantasy (even the ones that were made when Squaresoft became Square Enix), and I love games that I can play straight from the browser (because that usually means I don't need to upgrade my videocard to something that requires a nuclear plant) - by all means, I should be all over Crystal Conquest, but I'm sorry, It looks like crap to me. Look at the video:

I'm not a total OMGRAFXHOAR!, and I actually like 2D visuals, but they could have added more frames for the animation. I've seen flash-based games that had smoother animations than Crystal Conquest. And I don't buy the excuse that it's a browser game. Have you seen any of the games made out of the Unity Engine? Like Marvel Superhero Squad Online? They run straight from the browser but the graphics look good enough to be mistaken for a console game.

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