Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Tupac Hologram Isn't Really a Hologram

The Tupac Shakur Hologram that performed alongside Snoop Doog in the recent Coachella may have received overwhelming praise from the Internet, for being such an impressive example of advancements in 3D hologram technology, but it seems that all the praise it got was undeserved if we're basing it on the reasons provided by fans.

For starters, it's not new. The same technology was used back in 2006, in order to let fictional band The Gorillaz perform live on stage with Madonna. It was also used by Al Gore back in 2007, and hell, Richard Branson himself used it to give a keynote speech back in 2005.

Also, it's not really a hologram. It's just a simple 2D optical illusion called "Pepper's Ghost", which is named after the inventor John Henry Pepper, who first demonstrated the technique back in the 1860s. There's nothing impressive about the technology at all - the realistic and extremely lifelike movements of the Tupac Shakur CG model is the result of advancements in computer rendering, and has nothing to do with the rudimentary optical illusion used to project said computer rendering on stage.

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