Sunday, April 1, 2012

Google's April Fools Day Prank: Google Maps in 8 bit

It's April 1, fools! So it's once again time for all the people who are delusionalthink they're so clever to come up with April's fool pranks that nobody will fall for. Newsflash for everyone who has ever come up with an April Fool's Prank thinking that it's going to be the bestest sickburn ever - nobody falls for anything during April Fools Day.

Seriously, guys like you have run the whole thing to the ground that it's actually unfair for people who really had something noteworthy to say during April 1 - nobody takes them seriously anymore. Anywa,s Google has come up with their own contribution to the collection of non-news and non-events that will come out today. The difference is that even though it's just an april fool's prank, what they came up with required creativity and a real sense of humor: Google Maps for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

That is how you do it, dudes. A really good April Fool's Prank should be entertaining, so that people will still enjoy it even though they already know it's just a prank. Simply saying something that isn't true and then backpedalling with "APRIL FOOL'S!" is nothing special. Hell, it barely even counts as lying.

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