Monday, April 9, 2012

Game Controller for your iPad and iPhone: The Drone

One of the chief complaints about iOS devices, and why it's still having trouble being accepted as a gaming device, is the fact that touchscreens are nowhere near as effective as real buttons and sticks when it comes to most types of games. It's a valid concern, and not just a result of device bias - tactile feedback really helps a lot when it comes to controlling games. But take a look at the device pictured below:

It's called The Drone, and it's going to give iOS devices (and even android based ones) real gaming controls. It lets you control the iOS device through bluetooth, and comes with all the necessary parts a game controller should have - 2 analog sticks, one digital pad, and 8 buttons. Enough for any game and emulator on the iOS. It's also small enough that you can put it in your pocket, to bring with you wherever you go.

Unfortunately, the designers of the gadget don't have the necessary funds to manufacture and market the Drone on a large scale. So they set up a Kickstarter Page. If they manage to meet the target $60,000, they'll be able to manufacture enough to sell the items on a consistent basis.

Like any kickstarter project, you can pledge as little as $1 to help the project. Pledging $65 effectively counts as a pre-order, since you'll receive one controller when the project pushes through. Don't worry about losing money, as per kickstarter policies, if the project doesn't meet its target amount ($60,000 in this case), your pledge will be returned.

Go visit The Drone's Kickstarter page to help the guys with their project (or if you have 65 bucks to spare, to get yourself a preorder of the controller).

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