Friday, March 9, 2012

Play Thor: Bring the Thunder for Free

The Thor movie has been out for quite some time now, so this is a little bit outdated, but the Avengers movie is getting nearer its release date, so I guess games about Thor are still timely. And even if that’s not the case, Thor: Bring the Thunder is still a fun game.

Videos and download link after the jump:

Thor: Bring the Thunder is a free game that was originally made by Marvel as a tie-in for the Chris Hemsworth movie, but don’t let the word “free” trick you into thinking that it’s a rushed flash game cobbled together in a couple of hours - it looks good enough to be mistaken for a commercial game from the 16-bit days. In fact, it’s practically a Mega Man game, only with Thor sprites. It’s vintage Megaman right down to the death animation (damn you, spikes!).

The only flaw with Thor: Bring the Thunder (and with most flash games for that matter), is that the controls cannot be modified. To anyone used to gamepads on a console, the “right hand for arrow keys/left hand for action keys” config feels awkward and counter intuitive.

There’s no need to download anything to play the game, as it runs straight from the browser. You can play it at Marvel’s official site.

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