Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Viral Website for Total Recall

Here we go again. Len Wiseman's remake of the 1990 sci fi classic Total Recall has just launched what they call a new viral website for the Rekall, the company that offers virtual vacations via memory implants. Sporting a tag-line offering the chance to, "escape from your world to ours," the Rekall site offers users a chance to enter their telephone number for more information about the company's "vacation packages".

Entering a number prompts the following response on the site: "Thank you for entering your phone number. A representative will call you when your vacation package is available. Rekall, we can remember it for you."

I don't really know what the package will be, and I may never will as I don't have a phone (send me one!) but it seems like a good enough mock website. But seriously, they gotta stop with this viral fad. I mean, is "viral" the new marketing buzzword these days? It's like a bunch of marketing people decided that they can just fool executives* into throwing money at their campaign by tossing out the word, not minding the fact that it's not really considered "viral" until it starts spreading.

*they can, actually. a lot of executives seem to have a congenital disease that makes them spend money on marketing bullpoop regardless of its success rate.

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