Monday, March 19, 2012

New Prometheus Viral Video: Our Family is Growing

Ridley Scott and Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof are both having a field day with teasers for the upcoming Aliens prequel, with the duo being okay with providing bits and pieces of info while worrying about being "shot by Fox" for revealing possible spoilers.

In one of their Q and As with, Lindelof let it slip that Prometheus' extra-terrestrial threat will be the "hunched-over monkey" to Alien's "humanoid progression", which suggests that the two monsters will be closely connected, even if just in the evolutionary sense.

They also provided a neat new viral video, voiced by another one of my Man Candies, Michael Fassbender. The video seems to be the 2083 equivalent to an iPad ad, and if that description made you scratch your head, just watch the vid to get what I'm saying:

...and if that didn't make you want to watch the movie, perhaps the Full HD trailer will:

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