Monday, March 19, 2012

My Walking Dead Season Finale Spoilers Was Spot On

I'm not really bragging or anything, I just copy and pasted the spoilers from the original leakrat, after all. But I'm just saying, I gots your hook up. I'm not going to post fan speculation or anything - when I say spoilers, I mean it. OR at least, I really believe I mean it. Keep that in mind the next time you see the word "Spoilers" in my blog entries.

Yeah, so this week, Walking Dead's Season Finale has come and gone. But I still have The River's season ender to tide me over (someone dies next week, killed by a crew of the Magus. I'm thinking the killer is Capt. Kurt Brynildson - SPOILERS), but what about next week? What shows can I watch? When's that Doctor Who 7th season going to start anyway? I heard Karen Gillan's still in it (that's a curveball for most fans who were bombarded with news about the Ponds leaving Doctor Who. HAH! The Ponds are leaving the TARDIS. But they're still in the show)

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