Friday, March 9, 2012

Batman Goes Live

I never really understood what Bono was thinking when he came up with the idea for his disastrous Spider-man broadway musical. I mean, Westside Story already looked silly when gangs fought each other using elaborate song and dance numbers instead of badass martial arts, but imagine if those guys were wearing brightly colored and extremely tight spandex? Yeah, musicals tend to bring out the worst in the already silly superhero genre. Unfortunately, people still think a stage musical about superheroes can work, hence: Batman Live.

I’ll let the trailer speak for itself, after the cut:

That’s….that’s actually not so bad. For one thing, I don’t see anybody singing. And another, the Batman suit looks properly badass, and Poison Ivy looks drop-dead gorgeous. Robin looks, well, like Robin. He was never supposed to look badass in the first place, so there. The less said about the goofy-looking Joker and Harlequin, the better.

Also, I don’t see anyone singing. Yet. Let’s hope there’s no singing involved. Batman Live will tour the U.K. and Europe from July before opening in North America in 2012. Book tickets at their official site:, if you manage to get in, please tell me how it goes. I really hope there’s no singing involved.

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