Sunday, March 11, 2012

Free Comic Book: The Avengers and VISA team up

The Avengers are a bit of a hot property right now. There’s their new feud with the X-Men, and then there’s the new Marvel Universe programming block on Disney XD. Of course, there’s also the Avengers movie. But one of the more oddball uses of the Avengers franchise is “Saving The Day”, which is a FREE comic book sponsored by VISA that aims to teach children basic and practical money skills.

The comic book also features Spider-man, and together with Avengers members Iron Man, Giant Man, Black Widow, Hulk, and Thor, they serve as the perfect vehicle to teach the usually boring (for kids, at least) subject of financial literacy. Kids are more receptive of lessons when taught by role models that are entertaining and colorful, it seems.

Link to the download after the cut:

Avengers: Saving the Day will be written by James Asmus, with Andrea Di Vito doing the artwork. The free comic book has a total of sixteen pages, with no ads (yay!), capped off by a stunning cover by Tom Grummet. The story focuses on the Avengers and Spider-Man teaming up to fight the Mole Man, while learning about personal finance at the sametime. The comic book comes with a teacher’s guide that includes lessons on saving, banking, and budgeting. You can get the comic book (both in digital format and in print) for free at

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